May and June dry heat has passed.
During part of this period the school are closed.
Our school has just reopened with the arrival of the rain.

However in the area of Bodhgaya the rain is sporadic. Therefore it can be an enjoyable holiday spot.

The children were happy to receive a few games (jump ropes, skittles, cricket bats…)


arnaud ecole des soleils

Before I came back to France at the end of May, I enjoyed painting the logo of the school on the front wall, much to the amusement of the Indians who only regarded me as a teacher and director.
To them, as the cast system continues, you can’t be a teacher, a photographer, a meditation teacher and an artist at the same time!

Arnaud Perdry

President of l’Ecole des Soleils


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Our team is searching for good intentions in order to support and pursue the adventure.
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– Translation ( English, Chinese,Japanese, German)
– Communication ( social networks, media files…)
– People who could volunteer at the school on a short, medium or long stay.

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We are looking for some intiatives to make the school known and make the financing permanent. All the actions and suggestions are welcome.
Here are a few suggestions which can partially or totally finance l’Ecole des Soleils:
car-boot sale, garage sale, concerts, choirs, drama, sports events, bingo, fishing contest….

Special thanks to those who have already contributed that way!

Thanks a lot


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